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Hair goodness you can get into

Welcome to The Hair Bakery, where we bake up the goods that lets your hair eat nature's goodness. We are so glad you found us and soon your hair will be too! The Hair Bakery is here to give your natural hair the experience it craves and needs. We take every opportunity to love your tresses by using premium natural ingredients in our products to eliminate the parade of useless products.


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Who We Are

The Hair Bakery is a natural hair care products company created to fulfill the needs of coarser hair textures.  Our products provide solutions to problems common to this hair type, specifically, manageability, excessive dryness, and overall hair health. Some over-the-counter products may provide some reprieve to these hair issues but the ingredients in our products are all natural and will provide long lasting results! Our bakers rely on the historical goodness of the natural ingredients we use to clarify, clean, moisturize and style your hair.


Through our intensive manufacturing process, we have discovered by using just the right portion of butters, oils, and herbs in our recipes…basically ingredients that can be picked fresh from any local grocer (yes, your grocer and garden) you can have the hair you want. With regular use, your hair will be shiny, soft and manageable because The Hair Bakery’s products use ingredients that naturally restore hair to its healthy texture, versus relying on chemicals that mask issues and give the appearance of a "healthy look”. There is no fakeness here, just natural goodness.


What people are saying

"Met you at the Black Women’s Expo last week with my bestfriend! Used your product THAT weekend. I can pronounce EVERY ingredient. Did my wash and twist and 5 days later it still has so much moisture and although I put them up in a puff, my curls are still great😘THANKYOU SO MUCH and I’m so glad I stopped at your booth."


"My hair became easier to manage with each application.  I love the chocolate-latte conditioner - the consistency and the smell of it.  I could smell the chocolate for a few days! The coconut cream moisturizer was light and felt great on my hair."

                                                                                 -Kim H.

"I like the products and am anxious to try your other products! The Granny's Sweet Shampoo stripped the product build-up, but not my hair, and left my hair feeling soft and moisturized.  I used my fingers to detangle my entire head of hair and I've never been able to do that after using any other product!"

-Tylar H.

"Thank you for introducing me to your products! Before finding The Hair Bakery, I struggled with my hair.  The affect your products have had on my hair is unbelievable.  My previous hair struggles made me go back to a relaxer.  I have decided to transition back to my natural hair and plan to use your products to continue making my hair soft and manageable and smelling nice!"

-Malikah H

"My son whose a natural, loves both the shampoo and the
conditioner. They make his hair soft, smell nice and gives his curls
the boost that they need to look good😄"

-Shree R.

"My family has been using your products for months now and we love it! My daughter's hair is growing like never before and I've noticed it doesn't shed as it did before we began using The Hair Bakery's products.  I stopped relaxing my hair since your product  makes my hair so soft and easy to maintain.  I'm a full natural now and in love with my hair after 40 years of relaxed hair!"

-Pamela J.

"I like the Orange Creme Brûlée Detangler! It smells really nice and I like the affect it has on my hair."

-Venice C.

"While I don't have coarse hair, I've been using your products and I love it! They have increased my hair growth, defined my curls, made my hair shiny and soft.  My hair is not as frizzy as it used to be.  I'm glad I tried this product.  Best choice ever!"

-Courtney G.