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About Us

The Hair Bakery, established in 2016, is a natural hair care products company catering to Type 4/Coarser African-American hair textures. As natural hair wearers, consumers and fanatics, founders, Kristal and Akon set out to end old traditions of using products “marketed” for African-American hair, but that was not really for our hair. Additionally, a vast number of these products that were marketed towards African-Americans were full of chemicals and toxins. So, our founders began a new tradition, easily accessible natural hair care products for everyone with Type 4 hair-just like theirs. The Hair Bakery’s products are chemical free, contain natural preservatives, and are manufactured in small batches to achieve optimal hair goodness and benefits. And just like most healthy, natural goods, our hair care products must be refrigerated (yes, they must be kept in the ice box!) to maintain its freshness and safe use for 6 to 8 weeks.

Our Story

The Hair Bakery was inspired by Senese, the daughter of our co-founder, Kristal Anderson. The drying affect that many African-American hair care products had on Senese’s coarse hair over the years, forced Kristal to go back to the basics and research natural hair care (including bugging her best friend and co-founder, Akon Ekpo) ingredients that would work for her thick, coarse hair. The love of a mother, finding a solution to hair maintenance concerns and its challenges, evolved into a business offering a complete line of natural hair care products that cater to all Type 4 naturals and those transitioning to natural hair.

Today, Senese is growing up knowing how to properly care for and love her curls. This great feeling is so critical, especially in a world where straighter hair has often favored over rocking natural hair. Thankfully, she is a part of a company whose work will help to change this mentality (did we mention that she's the BOSS of this whole operation..) for generations to come, and will teach others to love, embrace and care for their natural selves no matter their color, creed, or hair type.  

Rocking beautiful, thick, coarse curly hair is what brought Chicago natives and entrepreneurs, Kristal Anderson and Akon Ekpo’s friendship to the next level. Both are beyond passionate about natural hair care—they are fanatics; committed to demystifying and simplifying the process of going natural. Combining their entrepreneurship and marketing expertise together, through The Hair Bakery, it is their goal to garner greater appreciation for coarse, thick hair textures and revolutionize hair ideologies: kinky hair can and should be celebrated, embraced, and rocked as the beautiful hair texture that it is.

The Founders