Do I have to keep your hair products in my fridge?

Yes.  Our products use natural preservatives and contain natural ingredients that require our products to be kept refrigerated before and after each use.  I guess, we could have used a number of harsh chemicals that would allow you to keep our products in your cabinet for years to come, but that just would not be good for your hair!

How long does your products last?

Generally, if the products are kept refrigerated properly, they will last up to 6 weeks or longer.  Typically, our customers experience sufficient time to fully use our products and have not been unable to use our products due to spoilage. However, our Choco-latte Conditioner may have a slightly shorter refrigerator life than our other conditioners due to the water content in this product.  We recommend this product for more frequent hair washers to get the full use of the product prior to spoilage.


Are your products only for coarse hair?

While our recipes are specially formulated for thicker, coarser hair types, our products have been tested by many hair types and all experience softness, moisture, shine and more.  Our shampoos are mild and our conditioners are full of butters and oil that benefits all hair types. 


Do you offer samples of your products?

We understand that sometimes it's nice to sample a product before making a big investment in it.  This is why we created our Morning Sunrise sample kit, Amuse-bouche.  This kit contains a shampoo, conditioner, detangler, and hair moisturizer, so you can check out how much simpler your hair styling regimen will be when using our products.  


Are your products safe for kids?

Since we use only high quality natural ingredients, our products are mild enough to be used by your children as well.  We have made hair care a "family affair"!


What is your refund policy?

We do not issue refunds or allow returns for our products.

To receive your refund of damaged or defective product, email us at customercare@hairbakery.com and include pictures of the damaged product.  Be sure to include your contact information and you'll be contacted within 2 business days.