4 Quick Tips to Prepare your Natural Hair for Cold Weather

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We spoke to a few of our favorite natural hairstylists who suggest that naturalistas should have a winter hair routine, especially for when the weather outside gets frightful. And believe us, for a location where the cold weather is nicknamed, "The Hawk," we definitely understand the importance of having such a hair routine. Here are some sound recommendations of how to keep those natural tresses healthy and happy during the cold season: 

1. Get some Extra Moisture

Cold weather zaps hair of its moisture, causing brittle hair and eventually may lead to breakage. Because of this loss in moisture, it is important to add extra moisture so that your hair isn't starved.  When selecting a product for your hair, we recommend keeping away from products loaded with synthetic moisturizers, instead opt for products that are more easily absorbed by your hair and can be nourished from inside the hair shaft. Our ultra moisturizing shampoo and conditioner pairings, contain the essential oils, butters, and plant-derived emollients that promote long-term healthy and moisturized hair. 

2. Get Deep with deep conditioning

Just using moisturizing hair creams and oils might not cut it. You need to allow your conditioner to deeply penetrate the hair shaft. To do so, treating your hair to a deep conditioning will assist with adding more needed moisture.  Listen to your hair to determine what may be enough to keep your hair healthy and beautiful.  This step, thankfully, does not require the purchase of yet another product (apologies to the product junkies!) if you are using The Hair Bakery's hair products.  Luckily, our products serve multiple purposes, so you can use the conditioner in our pairings as a deep conditioner as well.  The added benefit is that your hair can soak in the nutrients in this conditioner and doesn't leave your hair feeling greasy after rinsing.

3. Retain moisture with a heavier sealant

You've done the hard work moisturizing and deep conditioning your hair, now you need to lock that moisture in. Use a heavier sealant, such as Shea or mango butter, so that your hair doesn't lose the moisture you worked so hard for too quickly.  Need a recommendation for a sealant? Try our moisturizing hair creams! They are lightweight and provide just the right amount of sealant for low porosity hair or those in milder winter weather areas.  However, if you need a heavier sealant for high porosity hair or harsher winter weather areas, like Chicago's "Hawk," we suggest you take a look at The Hair Bakery's Coconut Cream Pomade, which has hair lovin'  beeswax, coconut oil and Shea butter to seal in your hair's moisture.

4. Guard your hair with a protective style

Tucking your hair away for a bit during cold weather months can reduce the friction from styling that causes dry and brittle hair.  However, too much of this could cause more harm than good. So, we suggest that you: 

  • wear protective styles that allow you to still gain access to your scalp or any problem areas for continued maintenance while your hair is tucked away
  • give your hair regular breaks between protective styles, making sure to follow up with a deep conditioning


So, now that you know how to prep your hair for the winter, it's time to get moving actually getting your hair ready for the moisture-rich goodness that will help keep your hair healthy and ready to grow! 

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