Caring for Your Son's Natural Hair

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While caring for your sons' hair when they are younger may be as easy as a trip to the barbershop. As they grow, caring for their hair can become more challenging depending on their hairstyle.  Not to fear! The Hair Bakery is here to help you prepare and overcome challenges you may face while caring for your son's hair: 

1. Clarify, Clarify, Clarify! 

Most growing boys love play time, whether playing sports for a sports team or hanging with friends and family. What we don't love so much is the resulting "aromas" coming off of them after playing outside or sweating.  While most boys will shower to save our noses, the likelihood of them washing their hair on a regular basis is not as likely. So, you as a caregiver would surely appreciate our Granny's Sweet Apple Clarifying Shampoo as a way of removing the wet-puppy smells rising from your son's head.  The apple cider vinegar is the work-horse of this product, making it a gentle, moisturizing clarifier for your son's natural hair that helps rid strong odors, sweat, grime, dust and most anything else these little boogers may pick up!

2. Boost moisture by leaving in conditioner

Let's face it, if your son isn't washing his hair on a regular basis, we know he's darn for sure not conditioning his hair! So, the likelihood of his hair and scalp lacking moisture is quite high. So, cut down on the steps in the hair care process by using any of The Hair Bakery conditioners as a leave-in.   Not only will these conditioners help prevent dryness that may occur from only washing their hair, but they also work to to extend the time period for keeping moisture in the hair. And, your son's hair won't smell like a foot...

3. Detangle and Style at the same time

You barely got the conditioner on your son's head before he was ready to run off and go play. So, it becomes equally as important to cut down on the styling time but using products that can pull double duty. If your son has longer hair (such as locs or braids), then you have the added pleasure of detangling and/or styling your son's hair. The Hair Bakery believes in relieving naturals of their product junkie tendencies by providing products that can perform multiple tasks at once. More importantly, we believe that a detangler should do the hard work of detangling so that you can comb or style your son's hair without lifting his feet off the floor while you do so! :)  Our detanglers contain flaxseed gel to provide enough slip for detangling his hair while providing hold to keep his coils in place, all while providing moisture to his hair. 

So, there you have it! The next time your son runs into the house smelling like a little pup, don't fret.  Just reach into the fridge and grab your Hair Bakery arsenal to care for his hair.


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Kristal Anderson