Let’s Give Thanks for a New Hair Care Regimen

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Thanksgiving is all about being thankful, and showing love and appreciation for our family, friends, co-workers, heck the world at large! However, how often do we show appreciation to ourselves?  Here at the Hair Bakery we believe in expressing gratitude, towards others, ourselves, and to our hair as well.

If you’re like most naturals, you too have probably taken your hair through some ups and downs.  From using too many different products, infrequent washings, to intertwining it with synthetic hair for braids, to tucking it away for far too long under a wig.  Whatever your poison, I think we can all agree that it’s time we select a hair care regimen for our hair’s sake (and health)! 

Here are a few tips on how to get and maintain hair health just in time for the holidays.

Wash your hair more often 

If you have used quite a bit of conditioners, hair creams and gels on your hair during the week, it may be necessary for you to wash your hair more frequently.  Once a week may even be required to rid your hair of product build up. 

Take a break from protective styles 

Wearing a protective style for a month or even back-to-back, can weaken your hair’s strength.  Let your hair breathe a little in between hair styles and switch to wearing low manipulation styles before going back into another style that will have your hair tucked away again.

Switch your hair care products

Just like eating healthy foods are good for your body, all natural hair care products are good for your hair.  Using a product that has been specially formulated for your natural hair without using questionable ingredients will help your hair become healthy, strong, and shiny, just like we like it to be!

Give up BEING a product junkie

Now this may send your system into a state of shock, but your hair would be so much better off if you do! Before purchasing a new product ask yourself two questions…

1. What does this product need to do for my hair?

2. How will this product solve my hair problem(s)?

3. Do I really need another curling cream? (We know we said two questions, but we couldn't help ourselves!)

If the product won’t help solve the problems of your hair and is only for styling purposes, you may not really need it.  Just a thought :)

Whatever regimen you decide on, be sure to express lots of gratitude this Thanksgiving to yourself, the ones you love and most of all your natural hair!


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Kristal Anderson