A Letter of Apology to My Coarse Hair...

beautiful coarse hair pic.jpg

To My Beautiful Hair, 

Now that I’ve transitioned you back to your natural state, I want to apologize from the bottom of my heart. “For what?” you ask. For the many years, I’ve gone altering your beauty with relaxers, under the impression that these were the times when you were most beautiful. I am apologizing for the many years, I’ve used hair products that were not the best for you and that more than likely was the reason why you never could grow to your full potential. I think back and try to find the point where I picked up the belief that I had to do this to make you “beautiful”. 

Not blaming anyone for my actions as an adult, but sometimes I think it may have started from the days when you would be straightened by the heat from my mom’s pressing comb. These days slowly migrated into the days when you would become chemically changed into a “jerry curl”. These changes took place without my consent and I don’t think I ever thought about how these days would ultimately shape me into a young lady and now a woman who continued to alter you with the application of more chemicals and an unhealthy amount of heat on a regular basis. Never realizing how damaging this was to you. Nevertheless, I am grateful for the paradigm shift I’ve made and I hope you can forgive me. 

I hope you can see that I have now begun to make better decisions as it pertains to your well-being. I have committed to a natural hair care system that has made you healthier than I can ever remember you being. You shine now. You’re naturally curly, thick, and growing more and more each day. I know you’ve noticed how good and sweet you always smell too. I think you like that “Knot Yo’ Mama’s Lemon Meringue Shampoo” the most. I want you to know that I will never again make you feel you must change and be something you’re not. I think you’d be happy to hear that I am also making sure our daughter appreciates the beauty of her natural hair, so that the old habits of chemically changing our hair will be demolished from our family’s way of life for generations to come. 


Your BFF!

Kristal Anderson