4 Natural Looks that Love Our Detanglers!

As we guessed it would be, our detanglers have become one of our stars in our new natural product line up.  A few reasons why this particular product is great is, it adds additional moisture to dry hair, adds a beautiful shine, and leaves your hair smelling absolutely delicious! It's not just the healthy benefits that make this product great however.  The many ways it can be used when styling your hair is its ultimate appeal.

Wet Looks

wet look.jpg

Our detangler can be used for creating a shiny moisturized wet look.  Simply apply it using our flip top or switch to our yorker spout top to make certain each strand of hair gets covered for longer hair.  Turn our sweet smelling detangler into a "spritzer" and quickly refresh your do on the go by adding our detangler to a small spray bottle with a little water!



natural hair twists.jpg

Whether your getting comb twists or two strand twists, any one of our detanglers can give your twists a flexible shiny hold that will have them on flee! After shampooing and conditioning your hair with one of our delightful pairings, apply a finger tip full of one of our moisturizing hair creams and detangler to each small twist section.  Apply one behind the other and twist! The result will be a beautiful head of coils.



dread locks detangler.jpg

Our detangler has just the right amount of Linum usitatissimum (flax seed) gel that makes the hair manageable for locking and/or palm rolling the dread locks.  The overall effect of using our detangler for this style is a shiny and crisp look from the root of the hair to the tip.




afro with detangler.jpg

Whether you're rocking afro puffs or just letting your natural hair go free, shrinkage and all, you can keep it full of moisture and healthy looking with our detanglers.  


Kristal Anderson