What "Natural" Means to Us

Over the past few years, various research reports have uncovered the negative health effects caused by chemicals used in hair care products, specifically African-American hair care products.  Many of these reports have linked cancer, uterine fibroids, issues with reproductive development in Black girls, and other health issues to the use of relaxers and other products that contain harmful chemicals.  It is more important than ever to understand better, how to properly care for your natural hair and what hair care product manufacturers mean when they say they offer a “natural” product. 

The word “natural” could mean something different to various companies.  This word is not regulated by the government, and has no set industry standards for determining which products are truly natural.  Without regulation over the use of the word “natural”, consumers are forced to trust hair care manufacturers providing their favorite product.  The recent studies highlighting health concerns over the use of certain hair care products raises questions in the minds of consumers as to whether trust can or should be given. 


The Hair Bakery is a hair care manufacturer you can trust and here’s why:


·      We select suppliers of our ingredients carefully and inspect the quality of their offerings before using them in our manufacturing process

·      We are committed to using natural herbs, butters and oils, and natural preservatives, as the major components of our products, which is why our products must be kept refrigerated

·      We’re owned by African-American women who seek to improve the quality of life for other African-Americans, not add to their exploitation


In other words, “natural” to us means love, honesty and a commitment to helping natural hair to be healthy, shiny and beautiful!  

Kristal Anderson