Teaching Children the Importance of Healthy Hair Care!

Encouraging health in children has always been an important objective of any good parent.  When they are babies, we ensure they receive immunizations, ensure they eat healthy foods, and more.  As they grow older, we teach them the importance of exercise and making sure they drink lots of water.  We give no care to their dislike of us as parents when we force them to eat their vegetables.  So, where does healthy hair care fit into the scheme of things?


As we develop into adults, our hair becomes more a part of our image as the clothes we wear.  So, is it not important that our children are taught how to properly care for their hair?  Teaching our kids about how to care for themselves is done through our words and actions, so careful attention should be made to what we say to our children about their hair, as well as the processes we undertake to care for their hair.  Below are a few suggestions on ways to teach your kids about taking good care of their hair:


  • Make drinking water a big deal! - Explain how this helps their hair grow and be healthy
  • Let them see how you take care of your hair -  Our kids pay closer attention to our behavior more than you think!
  • Use natural products for you and your children - Would you go grocery shopping and only purchase fruits and vegetables for yourself? We should show our children they are deserving of good hair care products for their hair too!
  • For children with more challenging hair types, teaching them to use a product that makes their hair manageable is the first step in teaching them appreciation for their type of hair.
  • Boost their confidence by telling them how beautiful they are because they are (and their hair!) is one of a kind!

The Hair Bakery has created hair product recipes that use natural ingredients that aid in restoring and maintaining overall good health in hair.  Make our products a part of your family’s total hair care regimen! 

Kristal Anderson