3 Great Benefits to Transitioning to Natural Hair

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Too often the conversation around transitioning to natural hair is about the challenges that come along with it.  Well, we thought it would be nice to highlight some of the great benefits to wearing natural hair so that those on this journey can keep momentum and stay the course.  Check out just a few of the many great benefits to rocking your natural hair:

1. Hairstyle Versatility

I don't know about you, but the ability to go from rocking a wet look to two strand twists to twist outs to a straight look and then right back to a wet look is one HUGE reason I'm in love with my natural hair!

2. Cost Savings for Maintenance

If you intend to wear your natural hair out most often, you will see a huge savings from less trips to see your hairstylist and the amount of products necessary (if you invest in the right product line!).  Check out our product translator to keep from becoming a product junkie and blowing your budget to pieces! 

3. Amazing Hair Growth

While there are many reasons that may contribute to the lack of hair growth and the rate of its growth, many Naturalistas have experienced more hair growth than when their hair was relaxed.  There's nothing like the growth your hair can experience without the use of impeding hair relaxing chemicals.  

If you are on the fence about transitioning to natural hair or new to the journey, download our "Guide to Transitioning to Natural Hair" for help with your new transitioning strands.

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Kristal Anderson