Spring Cleaning the Product Junkie in You


March is usually the month of spring cleaning, and resetting your environment to get ready for the freshening that comes with the spring season. So, why not refresh your cabinets and clean out those long-lost hair products that seem to have taken up residence at the back of your cabinets. Don’t know what to keep and what to throw-out? Here are some tips for knowing what to do with all those products you’ve accumulated over the years:


1. Separate heavily used from rarely used products

Go through your cabinets and pull out all the hair products you own, including those you currently use. Then go through each product one-by-one and create two piles. One for products you’ve used in the last 4 weeks (hey, I’m being generous here. I initially wrote last 2 weeks…). And, another pile for anything past this time.


2. Throw out products in your “past four weeks” pile

Look at you, you’re already half way through spring cleaning. Don’t you feel lighter all ready?


3. Organize products in your “within four weeks” pile by usage

Organizing your products by its usage purposes will help you keep track of what you have in your product arsenal, while avoiding purchasing products that you don’t need. If you are already aware that you have a leave-in conditioner and are satisfied with its performance, you’re less prone to be swayed by the shiny new bottle of leave-in conditioner in the hair care aisle, avoiding the threat of junking up your cabinets again.

“But, I like to try out new products to get a feel for what’s out there…” Do you really need to spend money on another product when you have a perfectly great one at home? Wouldn’t it be nice to put that $10 towards your pocketbook or shoe fund? Here’s our intervention for you: STOP! Quit while you’re ahead!

Now, let’s get to organizing those USEFUL hair products.  Start by placing your wash day products together.  Wash day becomes less of a chore if you have everything you need in one place. Use a basket or a shower caddy to place everything for a normal wash-day in it. This can include: clarifying and moisturizing shampoos, conditioner, detangler, detangling brush, and wide-tooth comb. If you have a special routine (e.g., deep conditioning, protein treatment, etc.), place those in a separate small basket or clear bag so that they can be easily grabbed up for when you need them. Finally, place your styling products together in a separate basket or shower caddy. These might include: curl definer/twisting gel, sealing or moisturizing butter, styling comb or other utensils.

Your three baskets should not overflow with different products. In fact, if you have products that perform more than one function, it would dramatically help this situation. The Hair Bakery believes in products that perform more than one function so as to NOT create product junkies. Our products can perform multiple functions so that you don’t end up with a slew of product containers that need to be cleaned out later. If you are looking to substitute your current products with ones that can perform double-duty, check out our product translator to help you determine which Hair Bakery products will fit the bill.