Grandmothers and Natural Remedies - Why We Love Them So!

grandmother love.jpg

The word "wisdom" is often used when describing grandmothers.  Grandmothers have remedies for EVERYTHING! From curing rashes to healing a broken heart, they never shy away from giving their valuable advice or suggestions.  Some of the best (and messy) remedies for natural hair care, we believe were handed down from Grandmothers.  See if you've heard of any of these... 


mayonnaise and eggs protein treatments

apple cider vinegar rinses

onion juice for hair growth

eggs, honey and olive oil 


We love our granny's, but Boy! were their remedies messy and sometimes even smelly!  As messy as they were, they were also very inspiring.  So much so, that these natural remedies inspired the creation of our Granny Sweet Apple (no suds) Clarifying Shampoo.  We perfected an apple cider vinegar shampoo that smells good, cleans AND moisturizes.  I think my Granny would be proud.

We send love to all the grandmothers who ever shared good advice and a natural remedy this month.  Thank you for your endless love!

Love, Peace and Pomade




Kristal Anderson