How The Hair Bakery™ “Shoulders Hair Care” for Mom

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Mother’s give so much of themselves to everyone, so much so, that often we forget to take care of ourselves.  As a mother of three children (two young men and one little lady), I can certainly relate to mother’s who have to juggle their work-life balance to accommodate all the aspects of life that are tugging at us all at one time.  However, no matter what is coming at us, we still somehow manage to still “look good” doing it.

Looking good must not take a lot of time either because we have lots of things to do! Right? Yes, this is why we created hair care products that will keep your hair soft, healthy and manageable.  Allowing you the ability to quickly style your hair since you’re not dealing with breakage, excessive hair shedding and challenging detangling of your natural hair.  Furthermore, as a mother, we know you would like to be able to focus on keeping your kids from “pulling your hair out” rather than the overall health of your hair.  Our products were created to take that worry off your plate and here’s how:

  • Our products have combined natural ingredients that tackle important aspects of what makes hair problematic, specifically for coarser hair types.  From resolving the issues of excessive dryness to promoting a healthy scalp, which is necessary if you’re going to have healthy hair, we included ingredients that add moisture that lasts for days at a time, strengthens the hair and  provides nutrients that get down to the hair follicle! Download our natural ingredient chart for more details.


  • Our hair care line was created in a manner which simplifies hair care for the naturalista and prevents the need to become a “product junkie”.  After all, why should it take the use of 10 different products to accomplish the “look” of our favorite hair style?  (This is also a total budget buster!) Most importantly, why should you have to compromise the health of your hair for a cute hair style? We do not believe you should have to, especially since, a a mother, you’re probably having to compromise your wants for other’s needs most of the time.  So, we created a guide to show you how to go from using a host of products to using our three step hair care system.  Download our product translator now to see how easy this transition can be.

Being a good mother with good hair does not have to be a challenge any longer.  Partner with The Hair Bakery’s hair care line to keep at least one of your many worry’s off the brain.  We’ll shoulder your hair care, while you handle everything else!

Happy Mother’s Day!