4 Actions Taken to Survive Bad Hair Products

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It is no secret that the hair care market has long been flooded with products – a few that work, and many that do not.  Additionally, there are those products that claim to be “for all hair types” only to find that it did not do a thing for those with kinkier textures!  This epidemic has forced many naturals to find their own remedy to survive bad hair products.  Here’s a list of the top actions naturals have taken for their hair’s sake:

Battling with sulfate-filled products

After experiencing the damaging effects of using sulfate shampoos, we created a technique called co-washing, which consists of “washing” your hair with a conditioner found to have smaller traces of sulfate in-between your normal hair wash routine.  We’ve dedicated an entire blog about co-washing, so we won’t go into details here, except to mention that this was an important example of the adjustments we had to make to survive bad hair products.

"Doctoring" our hair products

“Doctoring” hair care products by adding oils and other moisturizers to combat the drying effect of commercial hair products is another form of survival.  Having to make modifications to the ingredients of your hair products to counteract the main effects to your hair is like paying for an upscale full course meal at a 5-star restaurant and still need to add more of your own ingredients to the dish. Enough said...moving on...

Refrigerating hair conditioner to make your hair shiny 

A bad product is still a bad product, whether it’s refrigerated or not. If your conditioner is full of harsh chemicals that work to give your hair the "look" of shine and health, your hair will still be no better off whether you use it cold or at room temperature.

Mix-n-match hair care products

Many trial and errors using a multitude of hair products have led many to be convinced that a shampoo from one hair care line works best when paired with a conditioner from an entirely different company’s hair care line and so on.  This is most often a short-term fix to what can be a very frustrating search for a hair care line that will satisfy the overall health of your hair and scalp.


What you can do now for your hair?

What if we told you that you no longer need to innovate a new hair care technique, or play the mix and match game with your products to get truly healthy and good-looking natural hair? Well, now you can with The Hair Bakery™ all natural hair care line for kinkier, coarser hair types.  It already has all the oils, herbs and butters that challenging hair types need to fight dryness, breakage, dandruff and a host of other hair problems you can name.  Check out our all-star line-up now!

Kristal Anderson