Men Hair Problems and How to Remedy Them

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Three common Male hair issues

We know women are not the only ones who feel their hair plays an important role in their overall image. Men, you too, believe in making a statement and the healthier the hair and beard, the better you look and feel. Unfortunately, hair thinning, dry hair, dandruff, receding hair lines, and razor bumps can often plague your image. Check out what causes these issues and our top natural recommendations for resolving them now and for the longer term.


These pesky bumps can appear when the hair is cut beneath the skin.  Unfortunately, the hair tends to curl and bend as it grows back, forming bumps that can be painful and unappealing to the eye.  In addition to using the proper shaving tools and techniques, the use of products that help soften and moisturize your skin and hair can make all the difference in alleviating this skin irritation.


Hair loss can be triggered by many ailments that are genetically based or caused by deficiencies in protein and/or other key vitamins.  Stress is possibly a major cause of hair loss and its prevalence in African American men may be significantly contributing to your condition.  Take care of your stress levels by taking care of your total self. One way to start is by using hair care products that aid in stimulating the hair follicle and provide nutrients to aid in hair growth that may help reverse hair loss.


Dandruff is caused by an overgrowth of skin cells that build up on the scalp then flake off.  This condition can be anywhere from mild to aggressive, in which case medication may be needed to treat certain scalp issues.  Treating your dandruff issues can help your hair growth since healthy hair stems from having a healthy scalp.

Resolving Male hair issues naturally

There are two products that contain key ingredients men can use to tackle a wide range of hair and beard issues discussed – our Granny’s Sweet Apple (no suds) Clarifying Shampoo and our Coconut Cream Pomade.  This clarifying shampoo deeply cleanses your hair and scalp and moisturizes at the same time.  Shampooing your hair and beard can then be followed up with the application of our pomade which seals in moisture.  These two amazing products together is what we call our Sea Slick Pairing Kit.

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