Ways to Keep Your Hair Hydrated This Summer

summer curl pic.jpg

The summer brings fun, but for natural hair, summer can be a nightmare, as it struggles to withstand the chlorine from swimming and prolonged exposure to the sun.  Without proper maintenance, your natural hair could experience sun damage, breakage, and major scalp problems that will prevent hair growth.  So here are a few tips you can use to keep those kinky curls moisturized all summer long...


Refreshing your wet look

When looking to touch up your wet look natural hair style, consider using more than just water since this tends to dry the hair more quickly, leaving it hungry for nourishment.  We suggest using any flavor of our moisturizing detanglers to re-wet your look.  It will not only bring those curls back to life, but provide vitamins, fiber and other essentials your hair needs to keep looking its best.


Protecting your hair from chlorine

One way to minimize the damaging effects of chlorine your hair takes in from those refreshing dips in the pool is to consider saturating your hair with our conditioner and sealing it in with our Da' Butta Coconut Cream Pomade or one our lightweight moisturizing creams.  Doing so, will limit the amount of chlorine your hair absorbs since it would already be soaked up with our hair goodness.  The less your hair absorbs, the less risk of damaging effects - it's that simple!


have fun without sacrificing hair health

To make more time for summer fun, we created our Sea Slick pairing which makes cleansing and moisturizing an easy two-step process.  Using our Granny's Sweet Apple Clarifying Shampoo (no suds) will remove product build-up without stripping your hair.  Follow up with our Da' Butta Coconut Cream Pomade which acts as a great moisturizing sealant to keep that moisture locked into your strands for extended periods of time. 


Now you can swim and protect those precious strands from heat damage this summer and still rock healthy hair.   You're welcome!

Kristal Anderson