What to Expect When You Make Your Transition to Natural Hair

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If you have been talking to your natural friends and family members, and have decided to transition to your natural hair, Congratulations!  If, on the other hand, you have heard a few horror stories, and you’re still on the fence, well, this article will provide you with a sneak-peak on some of what you could expect, should you decide to move forward with this process.

First, there are two options available to those seeking to “go natural”:

·     “Taking the big chop” – This option involves cutting out your relaxed hair to begin your transitioning journey with an afro

·      Keep Relaxed Hair – You may decide to keep your relaxed hair while transitioning and trim it off a little at a time as your natural hair grows in.  This process typically requires more specialized care since you will be dealing with two types of hair – new growth (natural hair) and relaxed hair, each requiring different levels of moisture.  

Regardless of the option you choose, it is important to understand potential challenges and hair styling options available with each:

Big Chop 

Caring for your hair after cutting out your relaxed hair should involve regular cleansing and keeping your hair moisturized. Additionally, your hair care regimen is less intense and time consuming at this stage, which you’ll love if you keep a very busy schedule.

There are limited hair styling options available with this choice.  However, as your hair continues to grow, you’ll be able to have more fun with your natural hair and wear other natural styles like comb twists, etc.  

Relaxed hair

As mentioned before, more specialized care is needed with this option to minimize breakage and split ends.  Attention to the hair care products you are using is especially important, as well.  We recommend using natural products that will soften and add manageability to your new natural hair, while providing just the right amount of moisture to your relaxed hair ends.  

 When styling your relaxed/natural hair, be careful and minimize the amount of heat you apply.  There is a tendency to want to constantly blow dry your hair straight during this stage since the ends of your hair do not curl up like your natural hair will, making natural hair styles difficult to wear.  Beware, applying too much heat to your hair can damage your tresses and ruin your new curl pattern growing in.  

See the video below of our Naturalista, LaShonda, who made this very mistake and the twist out style we conquered for her that will allow her to get back to her naturally curly hair in no time since it does not require any blow drying.  We simply two-strand twisted her hair and rolled her straightened ends to get the curly effect you will see in the finished look.

If you found this article interesting, download our “Beginner’s Guide to Natural Hair Transitioning” to learn more.


Kristal Anderson