5 Hair Styles for Women Transitioning to Natural Hair

One primary concern of women who are deciding to wear their natural hair is finding a hairstyle they can rock and still maintain their image.  We have found a few go to styles for transitioning women and have shared them below, but before we do, we'd like to reiterate the importance of keeping your hair healthy and minimizing the stress you place on your precious tresses during this process.  Please refer to our Natural Hair Transitioning Guide to learn more.  

Braid Styles


Straight hair/Blow-dry: be careful to minimize how often you apply heat


Curly/Rodded Pin Ups


Faux Locs - be sure to give your hair a break from the tension this style places on your strands


Weaves/Wigs - make sure you can still nourish your scalp while wearing them


We believe any one of these types of hair styles will have you looking your best while on your journey to being natural.  Not only do you need a nice hair style in your back pocket, but an effective hair care regimen that will minimize breakage and strengthen your hair strands.  Cleanse and style your hair with only the best all natural shampoos, conditioners and stylers like detanglers and moisturizing hair creams to keep your hair healthy during and after your journey to being natural.

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Kristal Anderson