Natural Ingredients Transitioning Hair Needs to be Healthy


Hair breakage and hair loss is often a concern of women who have chosen to transition to their natural hair.  This is a valid concern since you have two types of hair textures on each strand of hair during this process (1) new growth/natural hair and (2) relaxed hair ends.  However, there are vitamins, herbs, oils and butters that will assist you in strengthening, moisturizing and growing your hair during and once you have fully transitioned to your natural hair.  Let's check out the top ingredients that made our list:

Great for Hair Strength

  • Vitamin C

  • Lemon    

  • Chamomile     

  • Cocoa Butter

Great for Moisturizing your Natural Hair

  • Mango Butter  

  • Apple Water      

  • Marshmallow Root      

  • Shea Butter

Great for Growing your Natural Hair

  • Peppermint  

  • Dark Chocolate  

  • Kokum Butter      

  • African Black Soap

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Kristal Anderson