Is Co-Washing on Your Brain?

Lately, we’ve received questions about co-washing: What is it exactly? Should I do it? What do I need to know if I opt to co-wash? Is co-washing only for naturalistas? As we do here at The Hair Bakery-keep it simple and sweet-here is what you need to know about co-washing.

What is co-washing?

Co-washing is a method of washing your hair with a conditioner only, skipping the shampooing step in a hair care routine. The goals of co-washing are to: be gentle on and define curls; give hair more moisture and not strip hair and scalp of its natural oils. All these results are great, but you should never eliminate washing your hair completely or wash too infrequently as this will cause products to buildup on hair over time and co-washing by itself is not strong enough to remove it.

Why Co-Wash?

Co-washing is a way to save time (one less step) and money (less products, less money spent) and is seen as a gentler method of cleansing, to avoid harsh detergents regularly found in most shampoos. The idea is that since some conditioners have significantly smaller amounts of these harsh surfactants (cleansing agents) it is more beneficial to use the conditioner to cleanse than it is to expose your hair to the higher amount of surfactants found in shampoo. Some co-washers have experienced hair growth and the additional use of conditioner avoids hair damage and promotes softness in tresses. But as with all things in life, results will vary.

Should you be co-washing?

As you decide whether co-washing is for you or not, keep in mind all hair must be shampooed as part of your hair care routine in order to have healthy hair. Therefore, The Hair Bakery does not endorse co-washing. However, we do advise that you avoid conditioners that contain sulfates, parabens, silicone and petroleum or mineral based conditioners, these ingredients can cause more harm than help to our hair. Co-washers should be aware that constant co-washing will lead to hard water buildup on the hair. A good hair washing is not about being squeaky clean; harsh cleansers strip hair of everything, even your hair’s natural oils, causing hair damage and breakage.

To achieve the right balance of clean, The Hair Bakery recommends clarifying your hair and scalp from co-washing, styling and hair care product build up--gently. We know there are options out there, even DIY options with apple cider vinegar but who has the time? Unlike a DIY apple cider vinegar rinse project, our Granny's Sweet Apple No Suds Clarifying Shampoo is prepped and set for you to use – no calculations required and does not leave your hair feeling hard, as it has been known to do. Our clarifying shampoo will not strip your hair; it will clarify and give your tresses a boost of natural moisture and leave you with a beautiful aroma.

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Peace, love & pomade.