Our Pairings Benefits Overview

Use this overview of our shampoo and conditioner pairings to determine which of them will fit your current coarse hair needs.  Our pairings provide healthier alternatives to shampoo and conditioners with a focus on strengthening, growing and promoting overall healthy hair!


Morning Sunrise Pairing Benefits

This shampoo and conditioner pairing is great for kinky hair seeking overall healthy hair maintenance and balance of sebum production.  The concentration of apple infused water mixed with African Black Soap in the Sweet Coffee shampoo provides lots of vitamins and minerals that promote hair growth.  Our Orange Crème Brûlée Conditioner is paired with the Sweet Coffee Shampoo to add the boost of Vitamin C which is effective in growing and strengthening hair.


Pina Colada Pairing

Our Lemon Meringue Shampoo gives a deeper cleansing through the acidic properties found in lemon and focuses on strengthening and extra boost in moisturizing of coarse hair.  It also resolves issues of dandruff and scaly scalp.  Our Coconut Cream Conditioner is paired with this shampoo because it contains our Chamomile which provides further benefits to the scalp which promotes healthy and strong hair. The butters mixed with our Marshmallow Root Blend add tons of moisture to your hair strands after the refreshing cleanse from the shampoo.  


Peppermint Mocha Pairing

This pairing is all about the stimulation of blood flow for hair growth, among other benefits.  Our Mint Mojito Shampoo contains a peppermint essential oil blend that is great for rejuvenating the hair follicles and improving blood flow which aids in growing your hair.  Our Chocolate-Latte Conditioner contains real 100% cocoa which is beneficial in cell rejuvenation, and increasing oxygen and blood flow, which is necessary in hair growth.